The patented TRU® Zip design is the first sliding, toothless, and truly waterproof (rated IP67) zipper system on the market. With a smooth and intuitive pull-to-close design that secures into an overmolded garage, TRU Zip offers a confident closure you can feel.


TRU Zip technology allows brands to build waterproof products with unmatched innovation and unlocked potential. Our esteemed list of partners continues to swell, including global leaders in outdoor apparel, equipment, and accessories. 


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TRU Zip product potentialTRU Zip product potential


Available in 3 sizes, this complete zipper system introduces a fully-closed assembly that can be integrated into applications large and small. 

4mm: Small-sized applications such as pockets in gear and apparel, in low-profile designs or short lengths


6mm: Medium-sized applications such as bags, pockets, apparel, and primary closures on pack compartments


8mm: Large-sized applications such as duffels, packs, slings and fishing waders

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