The revolutionary TRU® Zip waterproof zipper was launched by Nite Ize® in 2019 after 4 years of meticulous development, refinement, and testing. TRU Zip technology made its grand debut in the RunOff® Waterproof Bags collection, sweeping awards for Best In Show, Best New Gear, and Gear of the Year. From there the tidal wave continued, with TRU Zip winning ISPO TextTrends Best Product-Accessory of 2021 and receiving honorable mention in TIME’s Best Inventions of 2021. 

TRU Zip timelineTRU Zip timeline


Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Nite Ize has built a trusted reputation as an innovative consumer goods brand. Since 1989, we’ve designed and manufactured inventor-driven products that organize your life, protect your gear, light your way, and creatively solve your everyday problems. Led by original founder Rick Case, Nite Ize has grown from a cabin-based startup to a distributor of 500+ products worldwide. We pride ourselves in being fun and functional, trusted and innovative, and obsessively dedicated to making products that are not only guaranteed for life, but guaranteed to improve your life. Our success is rooted in integrity and in keeping our promises to each other and to our customers—and that’s no different when it comes to TRU Zip.

Nite Ize timelineNite Ize timeline